Anyway, May's joint chief of staff, Fiona Hill, was so outraged by Morgan's fashion critique that she pettily disinvited that woman from 10 Downing Street, so there! The leather worm then turned further for Morgan when it was pointed out that her Mulberry handbag cost almost exactly the same as moncler outlet May's trousers. Morgan insisted the bag was a gift, because expensive stuff is totally fine as long as you don't pay for it, apparently. But this in itself raised several questions, not least, Who is giving Nicky Morgan £950 cheap ralph lauren? Someone in Loughborough market, no doubt, out of gratitude for her longstanding policy of being so condescendingly real to them. So the first thing to say, obviously, is, again, tchuh women! The sight of the second woman prime minister and the former secretary of state for education spatting away about toms outlet trousers and handbags seems pretty much the right way to end a year marked by the resurgence of misogyny in western politics. That's right, ladies: you keep behaving like the worst possible stereotypes of women, and don't let all that leather slow you down. That'll show em.
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