The Management of Westbound Marketing has been involved in exports of products and services since 1992, covering the Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Far East and Africa.With Offices located at strategic locations throughout the regions we cover, we can help any company providing products or services market them globally. Identifying markets and finding suitable partners is our forte. We essentially become your export department without the expense and hassle. We believe the quickest and easiest way to penetrate overseas markets is to have a strong local distributor/partner that with their local knowledge and expertise will help your product and services to be marketed effectively.
We at Westbound Marketing specialize in finding the appropriate markets for your product and help you find the best possible partner/distributor in the markets concerned. If these tasks are handled by the company itself, it would require a dedicated exports department with specialist staff and will incur a huge amount of expense. By taking care of your exports need we free up your company’s valuable resources so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Best of all we do not have any upfront fees and we strongly believe only the results should be rewarded so our typical contract offers you guaranteed amount of replica handbags sales and we get rewarded upon delivering results by way of commissions. Why don’t you drop us an email and one of our team member will call you to discuss your products and we will advise on how best we can help.
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